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Tefin Scarl

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Descrizione azienda

We provide global marine service and technical support for any electric and electronic systems on board ships for: 1. Engine Control Rooms 2. Safety 3. NavCom 4. Propulsion and Automation. 5. Frequency Drive And this includes spare parts immediately available thanks to our large local warehouse in-house. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-C2rIbCmQg&ab_channel=Tefin) Our R&D Division is active with innovation and eco-friendliness developing our own products: • Fire prevention systems on board Ro-Ro ships (R3S) • Energy saving and environmental protection systems • Amplified fire detection system • Smart battery charger for vehicles on board • Smart Automation System We are in Italy but we also have business and working offices in The Netherlands, Belgium and Tunis

Sito web: www.tefin.it